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Sporlan Cold War

Cold War (Whether it’s Air Conditioning or Refrigeration) is a series of short and pointed articles on current topics of interest in the HVACR industry. The idea was conceived by Garth Denison. Garth retired from DuPont Canada in 2002 as Senior Technical Consultant, Fluoroproducts Division, and then accepted a position with Sporlan Canada as Senior Application Engineer. Garth was active in RSES, and served as a former International President.

After Garth retired, I assumed the role of writing Cold War articles until I left Sporlan to take a position at Tecumseh Products in Ann Arbor, MI.

Garth Denison Series
Publication January 2006 : Unique HVACR Terminology – Heat Exchangers.
Publication March 2006 : Ups & Downs of Servicing – Refrigeration System Servicing Guide.
Publication April 2006 : De-Mystifying Refrigerant Fractionation.
Publication May 2006 : Refrigeration Calculations – PH Diagram.
Publication June 2006 : De-Mystifying Refrigerant Glide.
Publication July 2006 : Sporlan Acronyms & Their Meanings.
Publication August 2006 : Refrigeration Migration Protection.
Publication September 2006 : Refrigerant Piping Expansion and Contraction.
Publication October 2006 : Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure.
Publication November 2006 : Head Pressure Inlet Screen Location.
Publication December 2006 : Very Low Temperature Refrigeration.
Publication January 2007 : Fits/Tolerances, Meaurements & Terminology.
Publication February 2007 : Auto Cascade Refrigeration.
Publication March 2007 : Multiple Receivers & Applying Supplemental Receivers.
Publication April 2007 : Expendable Refrigerants (CO2 & N2).
Publication May 2007 : Torque Specifications, Hex Head Cap Screws.
Publication June 2007 : Relief Valves, Required Capacity.
Publication July 2007 : Hoisting Hand Signals.
Publication August 2007 : Refrigerants.
Publication September 2007 : The First 100+ HVACR Terms.
Publication October 2007 : Evacuation Equivalents.
Publication November 2007 : Refrigerant Designations, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).
Publication December 2007 : Refrigerant Isomers.
Publication January 2008 : Large Tonnage Process Cooling.
Publication February 2008 : Deep Vacuum Graph.
Publication March 2008 : Fault Finder – Refrigeration System Servicing Guide.
Publication April 2008 : Altitude and Barometric Conversion.
Publication May 2008 : Refrigerant Manufacturing Process.
Publication June 2008 : IP and SI conversions for HVACR.
Publication July 2008 : Common Prefixes and Scientific SI Notations.
Publication August 2008 : Copper Tube, Pressure Drop, Velocity & Refrigeration Capacity Conversions.
Publication September 2008 : Cascade Refrigeration.
Publication October 2008 : PH Diagram Thermodynamic Properties.
Publication November 2008 : CO2 The Refrigerant.
Publication December 2008 : PH Cycle Analysis.
Publication January 2009 : Electrical Safety.
Andy Schoen Series
Publication May 2009 : Pressure Control Setting Guide.
Publication June 2009 : Basic Refrigeration System Troubleshooting Given Three Measurements.
Publication June 2009 : Basic Refrigeration System Troubleshooting Given Three Measurements (Answers).
Publication July 2009 : Useful Equations for the HVAC Engineer.
Publication August 2009 : Refrigerant Line Sizing Using Equivalent Pipe Diameters.
Publication September 2009 : R-22 Service Replacement Refrigerants.
Publication October 2009 : Flooded Head Pressure Control.
Publication November 2009 : Information About Refrigeration Oils.
Publication December 2009 : SEER for Dummies.
Publication January 2010 : A Psychrometrics Reminder.
Publication February 2010 : Can You Have Subcooling in a Receiver?