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Icemeister's Capillary Tubes

This section includes two PowerPoints which Charlie kept on his website. "A Modern Approach to Selecting Capillary Tubes" is a presentation I gave at the HVACR & Mechanical Conference in 2013 while I was Technical Services Manager for Tecumseh Products. I've also included a link to my current capillary tube sizing app.

The other presentation is on the "Sealed Units Parts Co. (Supco) Compressor and Capillary Tube Tester" which Charlie put together. This device was developed by Henry Ehrens of Supco. Very few of these devices made it to the field.

Publication TC-803-308 2004 : JB Copper Capillary Tubing for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.
PowerPoint 2013 : A Modern Approach to Selecting Capillary Tubes.
PowerPoint : Supco Compressor and Cap Tube Tester.
Supco Publication : Theory and Field Problems of the Capillary Tube by Henry Ehrens.
Supco Publication : Theory of the Cap Tube as a Refrigerant Control by Henry Ehrens.
HVACR Advisors Cap Tube Sizing : HVACR Advisors Capillary Tube Sizing Web App.