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Refrigerant Piping

Listed below are publications and a PowerPoint on refrigerant piping, sizing & insulation Charlie kept on his website. Included is an Excel file Charlie developed which can be used to estimate refrigerant charge requirements for a supermarket refrigeration system. Also included is a link to my refrigerant line sizing web app.

Publication C-701530 2001 : Refrigerant Piping PowerPoint by Garth Denison.
Publication A4015 2014 : Copper Tube Handbook by the Copper Development Association.
NA Application Manual 2017 : Armaflex Application Manual.
WB Finish 2007 : Armaflex WB Finish Protective Coating.
Web Links
Armacell Website : Armacell Website – Manufacturer of Armaflex Insulation.
Refrigerant Line Sizing : The Finest Refrigerant Line Sizing Web App by HVACR Advisors!
Refrigerant Charge Calculator : Charlie's Rack System Refrigerant Charge Calculator. Excel Format, Download Only.