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This section includes a PowerPoint which Charlie kept on his website. "Mid-Point vs Dew Points" was presented by Emerson in 2013. Charlie also had three versions of "Making Sense of Natural Refrigerants" by Emerson on his website.

E360 Outlook Volume 1 Issue 1 : Making Sense of Natural Refrigerants.
PowerPoint 2013 : Emerson Webinar Mid-Point vs Dew Point.
Post on HVAC-Talk Forum 2018 : Misinformation About R-22 Replacement Refrigerants.
RSES Journal Article 2006 : Refrigerant Blends: P-T Charts and System Troubleshooting.
Publication Honeywell 2017 : Honeywell Refrigerant Glide – What You Need To Know.
Publication National Refrigerants 2021 : National Refrigerants Lubricant Cross Reference.
Publication C-10618 2017 : Opteon Freon General Replacement Guide (Chemours).
Web Links
Emerson E360 Outlook Article 2015 : Making Sense of Natural Refrigerants.
E360 Webinar 7 : Making Sense of Natural Refrigerants (YouTube).
Emerson E360 Outlook Articles : Emerson Articles on Industry News, Case Studies, and New Technologies.
Honeywell Sustainability : Honeywell Case Study & Solstice Impact Calculator.