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Copeland Compressors & Condensing Units

Founded in 1921 by Edmund Copeland in Detroit, MI. In 1937, the company was relocated to Sidney, OH, when four of the company’s engineers purchased the business and its compressor patent. Emerson acquired Copeland in 1986 and made significant investments in the development of a new scroll compressor that the Copeland company had been working on. The following year, Emerson introduced the first scroll compressor sold under the Copeland brand.

Note the Copeland Refrigeration Manuals and the Glen Hannegan "Why Compressors Fail" video series are located in their own separate section.

Publication 2008 : Copeland Electrical Handbook 2008-2009 Edition.
Publication 2011DS-4 F-Line R3 (5/17) : Copeland F-Line Condensing Units.
Publication 2015DS-6 R1 (3/16) : Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit.
Publication 2011DS-4 M-Line R1 (5/17) : Copeland M-Line Condensing Units.
Copeland Website : Copeland Refrigeration Products.