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Comtrol Corp. was founded in New Brighton, MN in 1982 as a manufacturer of data commumication products. Comtrol was acquired by Pepperl+Fuchs in 2019, creating Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc.

Publication 4k2e Manual : 4k2e Users Manual.
Publication 945004BH13 Rev B 2001 : Direct Connect to COM-5002.
Publication 945004BH15 Rev C 2001 : Self Powered Upload/Download Kit.
Publication 945004BH14 Rev B 2001 : 6000 Direct Connect Self Powered Converter.
Publication 945004BH03 Rev D 2001 : RS485 Global Bus Terminations in ADV-6000.
Publication 945003BH08 Rev C 2001 : 6000 W/UPS & Surge Protector.
Publication ADV-6000 Guide Rev 2 093002 : ADV-6000 Troubleshooting Guide.
Publication ADV-6000 Manual 2001 : ADV-6000 Users Manual.
Publication F-27200 2002 : ADV Refrigerant Management System.
Publication 945005BH06 Rev C 2001 : ADV-6000 Remote Audible Alarm Wiring.
Publication ASW-4500 Manual 2000 : ASW-4500 Anti-Sweat Heater Control Panel Users Manual.
Publication CC-4500 Manual 2002 : The CC-4500 Compressor & Condenser Controller Manual
Publication 945001BH01 Rev K 2004 : Energy Management System Index.
Publication 945004BH15 Rev C 2001 : MCS-4000 Self Powered Upload/Download Kit.
Publication MCS-4000 Hot Key : MCS-4000 Hot Key Instructions.
Publication MCS-4000 Menu Map 2002 : MCS-4000 Menu Map.
Publication MCS-4000 Quick Reference 2000 : MCS-4000 Quick Reference Guide.
Publication MCS-4000 Users Manual : MCS-4000 Users Manual.