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The Spoehrer-Lange Company was founded January 1, 1934 in St Louis by Hermann Spoehrer and Harry Lange. Both had been previously employed by the Alco Valve Company in St Louis. The company name was changed to the Sporlan Valve Company in 1944. Hermann and Harry had always used the Sporlan trade name for all products and decided to also use it for the company name to alleviate confusion. Sporlan operated as an independent company until 2004 when it was sold to Parker-Hannifin.

Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TEVs)
Bulletin 10-9 2011 : Theory of Operation, Application & Selection.
Bulletin 10-10 2011 : Thermostatic Expansion Valves With Selective Thermostatic Charges.
Bulletin 10-11 2011 : TEV Installation, Field Service, and Assembly.
Bulletin 10-513 2017 : Model FR-Series TEVs.
Bulletin 20-10 2011 : Refrigerant Distributors.
Parker Website : Parker-Hannifin Website, Sporlan Section.