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Icemeister's Ramblings

Charlie published several short articles on topics of HVACR interest and posted on his website in html format. The articles are listed below. He also posted an interesting YouTube by murray421

Condenser Sizing : Air-Cooled Condenser Sizing & Selection.
Distributor Nozzles : Distributor Nozzles & New Refrigerants.
Filter-Driers : How are Filter-Driers Rated for Capacity?.
Filter-Driers : Should I Replace The Filter Drier?.
Mechanical Subcooling : What Is Mechanical Subcooling?
Performance Curves : Using Performance Curves as a Service Tool.
Refrigerant Pressures : What are the Correct Pressures?.
Refrigerant Distribution : Refrigerant Distribution – Proper Sizing
Refrigerant Retrofits : Refrigerant Retrofits – New Weight vs Old Weight.
System Balance : Evaporator TD & System Balance.
TXVs : Internally Equalized vs Externally Equalized TXV.
murray421 Video : Compressor Rack Room Tour (YouTube).