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Micro Thermo

Micro Thermo Technologies was founded in Laval (Québec) in 1986 as a manufacturer of electronic controls for the HVACR industry. In 2001, the company was acquired by Carrier. In 2010 Parker-Hannifin purchased the company from Carrier.

Publication GEN-0103-R3.3 : Alarm Quick Reference Guide.
Publication GEN-0133-R1.0 : Alliance Energy Node User Manual.
Publication GEN-0111-R1.0 : Alliance Evaporative Condenser User Manual.
Publication GEN-0078-R3.0 : Alliance Installation Manual.
Publication GEN-0009-R3.0 : Alliance Refrigeration Technician's Manual.
Publication 961-462C Rev 2 2003 : Case Display Installation Guide.
Publication GEN-0040-R2.0 : Supermarket Control System.