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John Buffington founded Beverage-Air in Punxsutawney, PA in 1944. The company was then known as The Punxsutawney Company with a trade name of "Beverage-Air". In 1972, the company was sold to Tannetics, Inc. In 1983, Tannetics was sold to Gerlach Industries. In 1986, Gerlach sold the company to Specialty Equipment Companies. In 2000, Specialty Equipment sold Beverage-Air to Carrier. In 2008, Ali Group acquired Beverage-Air. Ali Group is an Italian firm headquartered in Milan, Italy having an extensive line of refrigerated foodservice equipment.

Publication 51-1450-01 2003 : Low Temp Vertical Freezer Service & Installation Manual.
Publication 51-1337-02 2003 : Medium Temp Vertical Refrigerators Service & Installation Manual.
Publication BAC : Models BAC5, 10 & 12 Operator's Handbook.
Publication 809-046A : Models CFG/CRG & KF/KR Installation & Operating Instructions.
Publication 51-1371-04 2003 : Chest Freezer Service & Installation Manual.
Publication 51-1021-01 2003 : Model CMCT Service & Installation Manual.
Publication CT96 : Models CT96 & CT96GE Information.
Publication Parts Manual : Models DD, BB, BM, GF & MS Parts Manual.
Publication 51-1298-02 2003 : Dipping Cabinets Service & Installation Manual.
Publication 809-015A Rev C : Models ER, EF, PR & PF Information.
Publication 809-003A : Models GF, DD, BB & BM Installation & Operating Instructions.
Publication IM 2007 : Model IM Use & Installation Manual.
Publication 809-095A Rev B : Models MM & HB Information.
Publication 809-005A Rev E : Models MM, MT, FC & RI Information.
Publication 51-0195-01 2003 : Modular Merchandiser Service & Installation Manual.
Publication Parts Manual 2003 : Parts Manual.
Beverage-Air Website : Beverage-Air Website Home Page.