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Tecumseh Compressors & Condensing Units

Raymond Herrick founded Tecumseh Products Company in Tecumseh, MI in 1934. In 1938, Tecumseh developed the first hermetically sealed compressor, significantly increasing appliance longevity and reliability. In 1947, a Tecumseh compressor was used in the first window air conditioning unit. In the early 1960s, Tecumseh became the largest U.S. compressor manufacturer. In 2015, Mueller Industries and Atlas Holdings LLC acquired Tecumseh Products.

Personal Communication 8/19/2010 : Tecumseh Relay and Overload Kit Reference.
Part No 70999-3 Rev A 7/16/09 : Field Installation Guidelines for Tecumseh Condensing Units.
Publication TR-101 7/14 : Compressor Quick Select Guide.
Publication TR-102 4/14 : Condensing Unit Quick Select Guide.
Publication AF-104 7/10 : Fan Motor Fast Reference.
Publication TR-302 R1 10/12 : Model AE2 Compressor Installation Instructions.
Publication TR-303 2/14 : Outdoor Condensing Unit Installation Instructions.
Publication TR-304 3/14 : VSC Series Scroll Compressor Installation Instructions.
Publication TR-305 7/14 : VSC Series Scroll Compressor for Commercial (CBP) Refrigeration Installation Instructions.
Publication TR-306 7/14 : VSC Series Scroll Low (LBP) Compressor for Commercial Refrigeration Installation Instructions.
Publication TC-003 Rev 4 2/15 : Walk in Box Condensing Units & Unit Coolers.
Publication TC-013 2/15 : Indoor Condensing Units Air & Water Cooled.
Publication TB-0010 7/14 : VSC Series Scroll Compressors for Commercial Refrigeration Cross Reference.
Publication AF110 11/11 : Electrical Service Parts (ESP) Guidebook.
Publication TR-103 3/11 : Hermetic Compressor Service Handbook.
Publication TF-017 7/14 : VSC Series Scroll Compressors for Commercial Refrigeration.
Publication TP-013 CAN 3/15 : Commercial Refrigeration Scroll Compressors Reference Guide – Wholesale Distribution.
Tecumseh Boxload Website : An Assortment of Tecumseh Web Apps.
Tecumseh Website : Tecumseh Home Page.
Tecumseh YouTube : Tecumseh History.