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Heatcraft has a rather varied history. Lennox acquired the Tennessee based company from PEP Industries in 1973. Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration was founded in 1990 and headquartered in Stone Mountain, GA. In that same year, Bohn's refrigeration line was acquired by Heatcraft. Heatcraft is 1 of the 4 main subsidiaries of Lennox International.

Publication BN-LOPTB 2016 : Bohn Models ADT, LET/LLE & HGT Low Profile Unit Coolers Technical Guide.
Publication BN-HTSTB 2017 : Bohn Models BZ, BH & BS Air-Cooled Condensing Units Technical Guide.
Publication H-ENGM 2008 : Heatcraft Engineering Manual.
Publication Fundamentals : Heatcraft Refrigeration Fundamentals Manual.
Publication H-HTSQA 2009 : Heatcraft 0.5-6 HP Air-Cooled Condensing Units with Hypercore Microchannel Coil Questions & Answers.
Publication H-MSTB 2017 : Heatcraft MO-Series Air-Cooled Condensing Units Technical Guide.
Publication H-IM-64L 2007 : Heatcraft Refrigeration Systems Installation & Operation Manual.
Publication H-IM-77D 2006 : Heatcraft Reach-In Unit Coolers Installation & Operation Manual.
Publication IN-IM-ECE 2007 : Heatcraft Installation & Operation Manual for EC Motors for Evaporators.
Publication H-IM-UC 2021 : Heatcraft Unit Coolers Installation & Operation Manual.
Heatcraft Website : Heatcraft Website Home Page.