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Selection Instructions

Dehumidifier Selection Instructions

Floor Area and Ceiling Height: Required to determine the inside volume of the residence or building.

Outside Dry Bulb and RH: Select this condition where humidity is highest AND the air conditioning system is operating minimally or not in operation. The dehumidifer selection app will assume no dehumification is being provided by the air conditioning system.

Desired Indoor Dry bulb and RH: The desired indoor dry bulb and RH.

Air changes per hour: The estimated number of air changes per hour for the residence or building.

Duct Static Pressure: The estimated duct static pressure in inches H2O. If the dehumidifier is not connected to a duct system, a "No Duct" option is provided.

Run Time: The minutes per hour the dehumidifier will run at design conditions. The app will default to 60 minutes (runs 100 percent).